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Mark Cardoza

President/ Principal Marketing Director


Serving Northern California and Northern Nevada



Thank you to all of our customers, staff and the manufacturers we represent!

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January 1992, G&S Designs, "Representative of the Year"

January 1992, Precision Power, Inc., "Most Improved Territory"

January 1992, Sound Quest, "Fast Burner” (Most Improved Territory)

January 1993, Precision Power, Inc., "Special Recognition"

January 1993, JL Audio, "Most Improved Territory"

January 1994, Precision Power, "Most Improved Territory"

January 1995, Precision Power,“Representatives of the Year.”

January 1995, Audio Control, "Fast Track” (Most Improved Territory)

December 1995, Precision Power, "Special Recognition"

December 1996, JL Audio, "Sales Achieved Award"

December 1996, Eclipse, "Credit Department Special Recognition"

December 1996, Eclipse, "Most Improved Territory"

December 1996, JL Audio, "StealthBox Representative of the Year"
January 1997, Precision Power, Inc.
,"Most Improved Territory"

December 1997, JL Audio, "Sales Achieved Award"

November 1998, Winntech Digital Systems,“Representatives of the Year”

December 1998, MB Quart,"Go BIG or Go Home Award"

December 1998, JL Audio, "Sales Achieved Award"

December 1999, JL Audio, "Sales Achieved Award"

January 2000, MB Quart, "Certificate of Excellence"

December 2000, Lightning Audio, "Shot Caller"

December 2000, Code Alarm, “110% above Goal”

 December 2000, MB Quart, "Literary Expression Award"

 January 2002, JL Audio, "Certificate of Excellence- 2001 StealthBox Sales"

 January 2002, MB Quart, "Bulldog Award"

 January 2002, SAVV, "Expeditor Representative of the Year"

 December 2002, JL Audio, "10-year Service Award"

 December 2002, JL Audio, "10-year Principal Service Award"

 December 2002, MB Quart, “Representatives of the Year”

 January 2004, Dynamat, “Most Dynamic Sales Support”

 January 2006, Crossfire, “Representatives of the Year”

 January 2006, Dynamat,“Most Dynamic Sales Support”

 January 2006, Total Mobile Audio, “Most Improved Territory”

January 2007, Dynamat, “Most Dynamic Sales Person”

 January 2007, Crossfire, “Representatives of the Year”

 January 2007, Dynamat, “Most Improved Dynamic Sales”

 January 2007, Total Mobile Audio, “Representatives of the Year”

 January 2011, JL Audio, “Presidents Award”

January 2012, JL Audio, “Representatives of the Year”

January 2013, Accele Electronics, “Representatives of the Year”

January 2014, JL Audio, “Hard Core Award”

January 2015, JL Audio, “Category Killer”

January 2016, Accele, “Rep of the Year”

January 2016, JL Audio, “Hard Core Club”
January 2017, Directed Electronics, “Top Gun, Diamond Program”
January 2017, Directed Electronics, “Top Gun, Rep of the Year”
January 2017, JL Audio, “Rep of the Year”